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Why does concrete sink?

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Learn More About Sinking Concrete

There are countless factors that lead to the settling of concrete. These commonly include erosion, sink holes, utility trenches, excessive weight, and poor preparation. In all of these scenarios, the base that supports the slab has failed – not the concrete itself.
Problems Caused by Settling
  • Dangerous Trip Hazards
  • Pooling Water
  • Drainage Toward Foundations
  • Damage to Snow Blowers and Plows
  • Damage to Interior Walls
  • General Unevenness, Which is Unsightly and Lowers Property Values
Typical Application
  • Slab Floors (Houses, Condos, Factories)
  • Driveways, Patios, and Sidewalks
  • Porches, Enclosures, and Additions
  • Roads, Parking Lots, and Loading Docks
  • Void Filling and Stabilization
  • Most Other Flat Slabs

How Does Perma-Lift Correct Settled Concrete?

Perma-Lift Concrete Raising Company provides a service known as mudjacking. This process not only raises the sunken concrete; it addresses the real problem, which is the base beneath the slab.

Advantages of Perma-Lift & Mudjacking
  • Warranty – Up To 10 Years
Perma-Lift Inc. has always provided one of the strongest warranties in the business. 
  • Experience
Our knowledgeable staff and satisfied customers are testaments to our experience!

Value Through Efficiency
  • Specialized pumps and operating systems allow us to serve all types of customers with the right equipment and personnel for their job
  • Same Day Assistance
  • Saves You Money
  • Stabilizes & Strengthens Slab
  • Improves Appearance & Function
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